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  • Get your oven as good as new without breaking the bank
  • Remove the smell of burnt food that lingers in your oven
  • Flexible bookings around your schedule
  • Prolonging the life of your oven by removing grime
  • Complete oven disassembly for truly professional results
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Samyx Cleaning - Professional Oven Cleaning Services - Image Tile

Professional Oven Cleaning For Delicious Food and Pure Environment

If you use the oven regularly, you might have noticed it has absorbed extra grease and dirt. Even if it looks alright on the outside, inside it’s full of germs and grease. It is in a need of cleaning. Especially in these days when our lives are more dense and lengthy, organic waste really accumulates easily. As our kitchen appliances get worse, they also need to be taken care of with more care.

There are many reasons why your oven should be cleaned regularly and regularly as well.

The first one is for the health of your family members s awell as yourself. Your food might have been contaminated by viruses and bacteria.

The second is for the love of your home. If you are spending time in the kitchen, following up with its upkeep is a good idea to give a look at.

How our Oven Cleaning works


Tell us about your oven using the booking form below.


We’ll send you a personalised quote based on your specific cooker.


If you agree, we’ll send a cleaning technician who will disassemble the oven and clean it thoroughly.


Enjoy cooking on your shiny, good-as-new cooker.

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Local Oven Cleaning Professionals You Can Rely On

For the best oven cleaning experience, you want a company that will go above and beyond your expectations. Our professionals at Samyx Cleaning are the ones to call when it comes to ovens. We know how important it is to keep your kitchen running smoothly and as hygienic as possible so we use eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning techniques on all of our clients’ appliances.

Our list of service for oven cleaning in London includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Single oven with two racks
  • Double oven with three racks
  • Gas or ceramic hob with four burners
  • Extractor
  • Microwave oven
  • AGA oven
  • Range Oven (90cm or 100-110cm)

Our experts have years of experience in the industry and use only high quality cleaning materials so you can be sure your job will be done right.

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What our customers say about us

Based on 36 reviews
I used Samyx Cleaning for deep spring cleaning of my 3 BR house and they did an excellent professional job. They really did make the house shine again. The team was extremely hard working and left the bathroom, the kitchen and the rest of the rooms spotless. I was impressed by the excellent level of service provided by Samyx Cleaning. They were helpful, polite and efficient. I would recommend this company to friends and family alike. Thank you! Fantastic service!!
Sylvia Doncheva
Arrived on time, did a good job.
Alexander Pushnitski
I was so desperate to receive a Deep cleaning service on the same day as the company I booked with cancel my appointment on the last minute. I call the Samyx cleaning and after 4 hours the job was done. On-time, fast and professional staff and customer support. I highly recommend them. Thanks, Samyx cleaning, you rock!!
Svetlana Georgieva
Super satisfied. They cleaned the flat when I moved out, and they actually cleaned the flat so well that it looked better than when I moved in. Highly recommended
Martin Lohse
Awesome experience with these guys. They explained everything they did before just moving on with the cleaning. My carpets and sofas look amazing. They weren’t the cheapest option that I found but were way easy to communicate with, which was worth the cost for me. Highly recommend!
Kristana Petrova
Hard workers, good price. Recommend.
Thomas Jacks
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Oven Cleaning Without Breaking the Bank

People who love to cook know just how important it is to keep the kitchen surfaces spotless and ovens sparkling. So clean up the mess, with help from some professional oven cleaner.

Our company has affordable prices so you can book us to maintain your oven. There are no hidden fees or other costs when you choose us. We’ll provide quality solutions and quick service every time, so we’re your one stop for all of your cleaning needs.

You can combine the oven cleaning service with one or more of the rest of the cleaning services we provide and save money. Add carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or even thorough one-off cleaning of your home in addition to the oven cleaning service. This way, you can save up to 15% of the cleaning fees.

Easy, Fast And Safe Professional Oven Cleaning in London

Our philosophy is simple – we provide professional cleaning services so we can make your life easier.

When you book an oven cleaning service , it’s vital to you that your oven is properly cleaned. It can be a daunting task and we understand. That’s why we provide professional cleaning services so we can make your life easier. Hiring us means you don’t have to worry about the stress, mess, or danger associated with DIY oven cleaning methods.

Our local oven cleaning specialists are available now to provide you with the best oven cleaning in London. It’s simple– all you need to do is to fill our booking form or give us a call – we’re here to help!

Everybody knows that oven cleaning is a time consuming and unpleasant job. But busy families have limited time between work and school activities and need to know that their oven cleaning needs will be met on time, without too much additional hassle.

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Our Prices

Service Including Price
Single Oven Two Racks £60
Double Oven Three Racks £82.50
Hob Four Burners £30
Extractor Two filters From £30
Microwave oven £20
Range Oven From £110

The minimum spend for this service is £60.

*All prices and services are subject to our Service Terms and Conditions, minimum charges, and pricing may vary based on your location in London, as well as our availability and level of busyness. Additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking fee may apply (when applicable). *The prices are exclusive of VAT.

Request a free quote from us and find out more about our availability!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the cleaning take?

A: From 1 hour for a single oven, up to 3 hours for a large Range cooker or AGA. A standard freestanding cooker, or double oven plus hob, will take 2 hours to clean.

Q: How soon can I use my oven after the clean?

A: Immediately because we don’t use any unsafe chemicals Your oven is ready to use as soon as our Operative departs.

Q: How often will my oven need professionally cleaning?

A: This depends on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used will need more regular cleaning than an oven that is used once a week or only to cook ‘ready meals’. We recommend a clean every 6 months but you may find that yearly is enough or if you have a large family or regular dinner parties, you may need us more often. We will remind you 6 months after our visit, but it is up to you to decide. We will be happy to accommodate our next visit to suit you.

Q: Do you clean the glass doors?

A: Yes, We clean the inside and outside of the doors, including in between the glass panels, unless it is a sealed unit.

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