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The morning sun casts a warm glow over a freshly turfed garden with neatly arranged border logs, showcasing the meticulous installation and immediate aesthetic uplift provided by our turfing services.
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  • High-Quality Turf for Lasting Results
  • Eco-Friendly, Drought-Resistant Options
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The morning sun casts a warm glow over a freshly turfed garden with neatly arranged border logs, showcasing the meticulous installation and immediate aesthetic uplift provided by our turfing services.

Why Choose Professional Turf Laying for Your Garden

A beautiful lawn is the cornerstone of a picturesque garden, offering a lush, vibrant backdrop to your outdoor living space. Opting for professional turf laying services ensures that this vital element of your garden not only looks stunning from the get-go but is also healthy and sustainable in the long run. Our expert team in London specializes in selecting and installing high-quality turf that suits the unique conditions of your garden, from soil type to sunlight exposure. With our professional turf laying service, you can expect a seamless transformation of your outdoor space into a verdant, inviting lawn that enhances the overall beauty and value of your property. Let us help you achieve the perfect green canvas for your garden activities and enjoyment.

How our Turfing works


Define garden vision.


Ready the ground.


Install your green carpet.


Maintain your lush lawn.

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Our Turf Laying Process - From Consultation to Installation

Our approach to transforming your lawn is meticulous and tailored. It begins with a free, no-obligation consultation where we assess your garden’s specific needs. We consider everything from soil quality to the desired use of your lawn to select the perfect turf variety for you. Following the consultation, our team conducts a thorough soil preparation, ensuring the ground is fertile and ready for the new turf. The installation process is swift and efficient, with our experts laying each strip of turf with precision and care. Finally, we provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to keep your new lawn lush and healthy. With Samyx, you’re not just getting a new lawn; you’re investing in a professional service designed for longevity and beauty.

A friendly turfing specialist in London presenting a healthy potted plant, symbolizing the quality and care provided in Samyx's turfing services for vibrant gardens.

What our customers say about us

Based on 66 reviews

Samyx exceeded all my expectations with their turf...

Samyx exceeded all my expectations with their turfing service. The team was incredibly professional, arriving on time and completing the job efficiently. My garden was transformed in a day, and it's now the envy of my neighbours. Their follow-up care instructions were clear and easy to follow. I'm thrilled!
George H.

I can't recommend Samyx enough for anyone looking ...

I can't recommend Samyx enough for anyone looking to have turf laid. They paid great attention to detail, ensuring every inch of my garden was perfect. The grass quality is outstanding, and their care advice has been invaluable. My kids love playing on our new lawn. Fantastic job!
Sarah Knightley

Choosing Samyx for our turfing needs was a great d...

Choosing Samyx for our turfing needs was a great decision. Their service from start to finish was top-notch, and our garden has never looked better. The team’s work ethic and expertise shone through, and the result is a lush green lawn that's both beautiful and durable. A heartfelt thanks to the Samyx crew!
Isabella Ford
A single flamingo graces a vibrant, newly laid turf, showcasing the lushness and quality of outdoor space achievable with our professional turf laying services.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Turf Laying Services

Opt for Samyx’s turf laying service and reap numerous benefits. We source robust, high-grade turf that keeps your lawn lush year-round. With water-wise and environmentally friendly turf options, we help your garden thrive sustainably. Our meticulous laying technique ensures a stunning and even lawn, averting issues like patchy spots and irregular growth. This not only transforms your garden visually but also enhances your property’s value and creates a delightful setting for outdoor activities.

By selecting Samyx, you get:

  • Complete ground preparation, clearing away previous lawn layers, unwanted plants, and debris to create a clean canvas.
  • Ground leveling, adjusting the soil volume for an even surface and gentle slopes.
  • Topsoil application to foster robust turf rooting.
  • Precise turf placement for seamless coverage.
  • Defined lawn edges to complement your garden’s design, ensuring a polished finish.

With Samyx, your lawn installation is an investment in excellence, crafted by professionals who aim for nothing less than perfection.

Ensuring Your Turf Thrives - Aftercare and Support

At Samyx, our commitment to your lawn’s beauty extends far beyond the initial installation. We provide comprehensive aftercare advice tailored to your specific type of turf and garden conditions, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and vibrant. From watering schedules to mowing techniques, our expert guidance helps you maintain the perfect green space. Plus, our team is always just a call away for follow-up support or additional services, whether you need aeration, fertilization, or pest control interventions. With our dedicated aftercare support, you can rest assured that your new turf lawn will thrive, continuing to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space for years to come.

Green lawn stretching towards a tree line under a clear blue sky, reflecting the lush health and vibrancy that Samyx's aftercare and support services aim to maintain for every turf installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the turf laying process take?

A: Typically, laying turf in a standard garden takes about 1-2 days. This timeframe can extend for larger areas or those needing extensive preparation.

Q: What is the best time of year to lay turf?

A: Early spring or early autumn are ideal, leveraging mild weather for optimal turf rooting without the stress of extreme temperatures or dry conditions.

Q: Can turf be laid over existing grass?

A: No, for the best results, the old grass must be removed to prepare the soil. This ensures the new turf can root properly and access necessary nutrients.

Q: How soon after laying can I walk on my new lawn?

A: We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before lightly using your new lawn to allow the turf to properly root and establish.

Q: Do I need to water my new turf?

A: Yes, regular watering is crucial, especially in the first few weeks. Keep the turf moist but not waterlogged to encourage deep rooting.

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