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About Us

Samyx Cleaning is more than a cleaning company, it is an experience. Our story started back in 2015 when Stan Velchev and Svetlana Georgieva – two professionals experienced in the cleaning industry, met and decided to launch a project together. Nearly 8,000 happy customers later, we can proudly say we have grown to become one of London’s most trusted providers of professional cleaning services.

At the core of our business lies the understanding that life should be enjoyed. We believe cleaning shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning alone, you can reach out to us – a company specialized in the field with professionally trained cleaners and high-tech equipment, tools and supplies. We are here to make your lives easier.

You can have full confidence in leaving your home and workplace with us. Our cleaners are trained and insured. Contact us and we will create a personalized cleaning plan for your specific needs. We guarantee you transparent prices with no hidden charges and a unique customer experience. Working with us is an easy business.

Some Facts About Us

7632 Bookings
4869 Houses

Meet our team

We know good service and we have trained our entire team to treat you, our customer, with the same respect and caring as we do. You can feel safe and welcomed every time you get in touch with us – we can promise you this! Our hiring process is very selective and we only choose the right people who can align to our core values.

Our cleaners undergo constant professional training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the cleaning industry. Additionally, an experienced supervisor makes periodic on-site quality control checks to monitor the performers of the team and to ensure our clients are happy with the services they receive.

To guarantee you receive the same experience every time you book a cleaning visit with us, we follow certain internal standards and procedures. With Samyx Cleaning, you can be confident with what to expect.

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Samyx Cleaning - Co-Founder, IT Specialist - Stan

Stan Velchev

Co-Founder, IT Specialist

Samyx Cleaning is not just a cleaning company like everyone else. The company is my mission to do the service complete experience from the first call. Therefore I invest my time to find the right people and make a team to give our customer the best experience.

Samyx Cleaning - Co-Founder, Customer Service Manager - Svetleto

Svetlana Georgieva (Clara)

Co-Founder, Customer Service Manager

For me, a client is not only one extra client! For me, every client is the most important one and deserves the best quality and the highest standards of work! I'm always happy to provide you, the exceptional level of service offered by Samyx Cleaning!

Samyx Cleaning - Technical Support, PPC Manager - Kristian

Kristian Yordanov

Technical Support, PPC Manager

I work here because I believe in this company. They have provided me with the opportunity to grow my expertise and make connections that will set me up for future opportunities. This is a company that values quality over quantity.

Samyx Cleaning - Branding Consultant - Atanas

Atanas Dzhingarov

Branding Consultant

Because I wanna be free to create and work with my friends on awesome stuff like this. This might sound strange, but I don’t see work as a problem to be solved. I see the work here as an opportunity to shape a company that is better for everyone involved than the alternative.

Mihaela Davidova

Social Media Marketing Manager

Lately, I've been more and more involved in the online brand world and like the social media aspect. There are 2 main reasons that cause me to be here every day. The first one is when I see my own work and enjoy what I am doing, it seems like a dream come true. The second is when I get satisfaction from the fact that people I work with appreciate me as a person, a professional and as a friend.

What we strive for

Providing quality cleaning services to our clients and leaving them fully satisfied with what they receive has been our main objective since the launch of Samyx Cleaning in 2015. We work hard to put a smile on our customer’s faces. With more than 8,000 happy commercial and private customers across London and a stunning 80% rate of word-of-mouth clients, we can safely say we have succeeded in doing so.

The fact that we are flexible in our work and adapt easily to the market trends and the needs of our clients has helped us position ourselves firmly in London’s highly competitive cleaning market. Our secret is simple – we listen. We understand that the needs of clients change over time. We are happy to receive customer feedback and improve our operations accordingly. We promise you are in good hands with us! We use safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and modern, high-tech equipment. Samyx Cleaning is your right choice for professional cleaning services in London!

Our promise

We believe our services can make our customers’ lives better. This is not just business, for us, it is more than that – it is our vocation. We have dedicated ourselves fully to growing our customer base, making clients happy and improving the services they receive. At Samyx Cleaning we can promise you one thing – your satisfaction is guaranteed. Should you ever be unsatisfied, our team will visit you again free of charge to ensure you are happy with the end result. No questions asked.

Our clients are at the core of our business. That is why, everything we do, we do it with the client in mind. Building a strong customer relationship is challenging, but it is a priority of ours to deliver on our promises and earn your trust. Every time we work together, we do our best to make each and every client feels they are our most important one.

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