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About Us

We live in the busiest time in human history. Never have people had so much to do as we do now. Especially in megacities like London.  What if we took some time for ourselves, and just focused on being happy and healthy? It’s something to think about.

And it’s taking a toll. Some days even managing our own homes proves a Herculean task. That’s why Samyx Cleaning was born. By providing high-quality cleaning services, we enable you to live a cleaner, happier, healthier life without wasting your time.

Our story began back in 2015 when Stan Velchev and Svetlana Georgieva joined forces to create London’s most customer-centric cleaning company. We’d like to tell you the company was an overnight success. Alas, that wasn’t the case.

It took years before people learned there’s a cleaning company in London that genuinely cares about their wellbeing. But eventually, people noticed. And we started making a difference. 

This has been a long and arduous journey, but we’re doing our best to put clients at the centre of our business. This has been a winning strategy for us and for you.

Some Facts About Us

9321 Bookings
5683 Houses

Meet our team

We understand letting a stranger into your home is not easy. That’s why we’re very thorough in the hiring process. We only choose candidates who reflect our core values as a company. Cleaners, who treat you with the respect you deserve so you can feel safe and comfortable in your own home.

Our cleaners undergo constant professional training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the cleaning industry. But we don’t feel that’s enough to ensure excellence. On top of it, an experienced supervisor makes periodic on-site quality control checks to monitor the performance of the team. We want to ensure you’re happy with the services you receive.

We have procedures in place to guarantee the consistency of our work. Every time you book a cleaning visit with us, you will get the same high-quality service, regardless of the cleaner.

And finally, we have a team of dedicated professionals working on the business from behind the scenes. They make sure you get to learn about us and try out our services. Because once you do, you’ll never need another cleaning company again.

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Our office team

Samyx Cleaning - Co-Founder, IT Specialist - Stan

Stan Velchev

Co-Founder, CEO

Samyx Cleaning is not just a cleaning company like everyone else. The company is my mission to do the service complete experience from the first call. Therefore I invest my time to find the right people and make a team to give our customer the best experience.

Samyx Cleaning - Co-Founder, Customer Service Manager - Svetleto

Svetlana Georgieva (Clara)

Co-Founder, Service Manager, Author

For me, a client is not only one extra client! For me, every client is the most important one and deserves the best quality and the highest standards of work! I'm always happy to provide you, the exceptional level of service offered by Samyx Cleaning!

Samyx Cleaning Staff coordinator Person

Katya Velikova (Katy)

Staff coordinator

I am glad to work at Samyx Cleaning. Here I have the opportunity to talk to many people every day and organize the work of many cleaners. This is a responsible position that I accept with pleasure and I'm happy to help drive the business.

Martin Dimitrov

Customer Service

Being part of Samyx provides me with the unique opportunity to be part of something greater. Here, I can help people live better and healthier lives, one home at a time. I believe that the attention to detail and care we provide in our work sets us apart, and it's a privilege to be a part of a team dedicated to excellence.

Technical Support, PPC Manager - Kristian

Kristian Yordanov

SEO and PPC Manager

I work here because I believe in this company. They have provided me with the opportunity to grow my expertise and make connections that will set me up for future opportunities. This is a company that values quality over quantity.

Samyx Cleaning - Branding Consultant - Atanas

Atanas Dzhingarov

Branding Consultant, Author

Because I wanna be free to create and work with my friends on awesome stuff like this. This might sound strange, but I don’t see work as a problem to be solved. I see the work here as an opportunity to shape a company that is better for everyone involved than the alternative.

Samyx Cleaning - Social Media, Marketing Manager

Mihaela Davidova

Social Media Marketing Manager

Lately, I've been more and more involved in the online brand world and like the social media aspect. There are 2 main reasons that cause me to be here every day. The first one is when I see my own work and enjoy what I am doing, it seems like a dream come true. The second is when I get satisfaction from the fact that people I work with appreciate me as a person, a professional and as a friend.

What we strive for

We’re not trying to be the biggest. There are bigger cleaning companies out there. And we don’t want to be the cheapest. There are cheaper companies out there. Both of these usually come at the expense of the customer.

What we strive for is to be the most customer-centric cleaning company in London. That’s been our ambition from the start and we have a dedicated team working around the clock to make it a reality.

Our goal is to help you live a fuller, cosier, happier life where you don’t have to waste your time with mundanity. We offer you flexible cleaning services that fit your needs like a glove.

How? It’s simple – we listen. We understand the value of clear, timely, and transparent communication. And we want to make sure you feel like you’re talking to actual humans, not a faceless company. We communicate clearly and stand behind the business with our faces. When you choose us, you know exactly who we are.

Our promise

With Samyx Cleaning, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees and you know exactly what you’re paying for. And if something is unclear, you can always reach out to us and ask.

We believe in the safety and comfort of a clean home. That’s why we’re personally involved in every job – from the first contact to the final cleaning touches. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the best possible service every time.

At the core of our business lies the understanding that life should be enjoyed. We believe cleaning shouldn’t be a stressful experience. So leave it to us. We’re here to make your life easier.

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