Hampstead, NW3 - End of tenancy cleaning case study

In the elegant backdrop of Hampstead, NW3, a tenant was blissfully living in a luxurious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom flat. The rent was a pricey £4850 per month and spoke of a life of good means. However, the cherry on top was the security deposit of £7275. This is not our idea of pocket change, to be sure.

The end of an era.

When the end of the tenancy came, the tenant hired us for professional end of tenancy cleaning in his Hampstead flat. The potential loss of £7000-plus didn’t seem too appealing, especially since they hired us for £329 – a mere 5% of the security deposit. It was a shrewd investment, a calculated move aimed at mitigating risks. You don’t get to the point in life where you can afford to pay that kind of rent without being good with money.

The job.

The day of the job came, and with it – a team of diligent cleaning experts. They embarked on their mission with unwavering dedication, scouring every nook and cranny.

Yet, the day after the job, a foreboding message arrived. The letting agent, who was the quality arbiter for this job, declared the quality was not up to standard.

Minor mistakes are possible even in the most thorough of cleanings. That’s why end of tenancy cleaning is, and has been a guaranteed service for a long time. So we offered a reclean. But the agent’s silence was deafening, casting a shadow of doubt they were communicating in good faith.

After several attempts, we got them to speak to us. The reason for their silence? They wanted to give the job to another agency (their partner).

The negotiation.

Slimy as this move was, we were resolute. We would not let our client down. We offered a reclean again to address the agent’s concerns. They once again declined.

A clash of wills ensued, as both sides dug in their heels. The letting agent held most of the cards, but we weren’t simply going to let this extortion slide. After a grueling negotiation, a reluctant truce was reached. The letting agent agreed to our reclean. However, the timing was far from convenient. Yet we seized this opportunity, knowing we weren’t going to get a better chance.

The reclean.

The issues that ignited the whole dispute were laughable. A single stray hair and a scattering of breadcrumbs, mere specks in the grand scheme of things. These blemishes on an almost perfect job were dispatched by the cleaning team in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea. Another clue that the letting agent wanted to make some easy money on our client’s back.

The conclusion.

In the end, we emerged triumphant, recouping our client’s entire security deposit. Their foresight in enlisting the aid of our cleaning company shielded them from the potential loss of £7275.

This true-life account underscores that even in the world of tenancies, you can secure justice and safeguard your assets when you hire a partner who has your best interest at heart. As always, if you need us, we’re never more than a phone call away.

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