Case study - end of tenancy cleaning in Hammersmith, W6

In the bustling borough of Hammersmith, where the chiming of Big Ben seems to echo through the air, a curious case of ours unfolded.

The stakes were high.

It all began, as many of these stories do, with a simple request for an end of tenancy cleaning service. The property was a splendid 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Hammersmith, where the monthly rent of £3800 was nothing to scoff at. But more importantly, the hefty security deposit of £5700 danced upon the edge of potential loss. But fear not, for in our story, a £365 solution emerged to save the day.

Now, the peculiar twist in this story lies in the basic requirement that the property must be empty before the end of tenancy cleaning can begin. However, this was not the case.

The plot twist.

When our team made it to the address, they were welcomed into a scene we usually dub “worst-case scenario”. Upon opening the door, they realised all the furniture was still in the house. This was a huge problem because how can one hope to achieve cleaning perfection with a wardrobe standing in the way?

The moving company, it appeared, had lost its way in the labyrinthine streets of London. With the movers running late, there was nothing our team could do but patiently wait.

At this point, you might expect our cleaning team abandoned our Hammersmith clients in their hour of need, taking half the money promised for the service as compensation for wasting their time. 

But you’d be wrong. Noble hearts prevailed on this day. We chose empathy over avarice. The fault was not our client’s nor was it ours. So instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, we offered a new date, starting fresh the next day.

Is it ever easy?

However, fate, it seems, has a curious sense of timing. The inventory check was to be done the next day. It loomed menacingly like a bird of prey waiting to swoop in and snatch the client’s considerable deposit if the cleaning service hadn’t been performed. The next day would be too late, and the deposit dangled precariously over the edge.

In a final gambit, we proposed a late-night cleaning. The client, their purse a little lighter for the effort, agreed it was the only course of action that made any real sense. Besides, when more than £5500 is at stake, paying overtime for cleaning doesn’t seem like a big deal. And so, the cleaning team embarked on a nocturnal odyssey in the cold embrace of artificial lights.

The aftermath.

It was a challenge. The team was exhausted, their strength sapped by the all-nighter and the day shift before that. On top of that, cleaning under artificial illumination is a nightmare. The lighting can conceal certain spots or stains that become obvious in the daylight. Still, with the inventory check lingering around the corner, the team did their best. Even if there were an issue, our guarantee would cover it.

When the sun’s first rays crept over the city’s rooftops, illuminating the fruits of the team’s labor, there was a collective sigh of relief. The inventory check was not simply satisfied, the property manager was extremely happy with the service.

Happy ending in Hammersmith!

In the end, the client got their full deposit, even though we had to make a few clutch decisions to ensure this outcome. The gears of this machine had almost ground to a halt, but we ensured a happy ending in the heart of Hammersmith.

Samyx Cleaning - Branding Consultant, Author - Atanas
Author: Atanas Dzhingarov

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