AirBNB Cleaning Tips for perfect cleaned property

When it comes to your vacation rental or Airbnb listing, cleanliness isn’t simply a chore. It’s the linchpin for guest comfort and satisfaction.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the art of cleaning for Airbnb. We’ll share savvy cleaning tips from our operatives, as well as some of our clients, who are seasoned hosts.

By embracing these strategies, you’ll be able to deliver a pristine and inviting haven for your guests, setting the stage for rave reviews and a thriving BnB business.

In this article:

  • Airbnb cleaning tips from professional cleaners
    • Breathe life into your space
    • Dust be gone
    • Rubbish talk
    • Kitchen chronicles
    • Bathroom brilliance
    • Hair patrol
    • Linens and towels
    • Mop up
    • Drain drama
    • Remove watermarks and fingerprints
  • Additional insights from seasoned hosts
  • Conclusion

Airbnb cleaning tips from professional cleaners

Cleaning for Airbnb or other types of short-lease rentals isn’t the same as domestic cleaning in London. Even if you hire a company to clean on a regular basis, the level of service is closer to a one-off cleaning.

When it comes to short let terms, people often expect someone else to clean up the mess. As such, hosts have learned to adapt – they either charge a cleaning fee, or higher rental fees to cover the cleaning.

While some Airbnb hosts prefer to outsource their cleaning to companies like ours, others prefer to handle it on their own. This is understandable if your time is more abundant than your money. Here are some tips that will help you along the way.

Breathe life into your space

Kickstart your cleaning ritual by letting the fresh air in. Opening those windows not only ushers in sunshine but also lets out any lingering odours from previous guests. It’s a vital step in ensuring indoor air quality, especially since indoor air can sometimes be more polluted than what’s outside.

Dust be gone

Dust is a stealthy intruder. It can be found in every nook and cranny, but here’s a good way to deal with it. Opt for a “top-down” approach, starting your cleaning from the highest reaches of furniture and working your way down. The goal? Banishing every pesky dust particle without spreading them everywhere.

Rubbish talk

It may sound like Airbnb Cleaning 101, but it’s a step that sometimes slips through the cracks. The mantra here is: Empty and disinfect every rubbish bin, from kitchen to bathroom. Your guests deserve a whiff of freshness, not yesterday’s refuse.

Kitchen chronicles

The kitchen is the epicenter of culinary delights, and in the Airbnb realm, cleanliness is king. Beyond the usual wiping down of surfaces, delve deeper.

Check the fridge. Toss out the expired food, give it a thorough scrub, and then give it a quick once-over with baking soda to deodourise it. Oh, and don’t forget the microwave, toaster, and the kettle.

Bathroom brilliance

The first thing most guests do when they enter their BnB rental is to check the state of the bathroom. If the bathroom is not in pristine condition, it leaves a poor first impression, so we need to address that.

Remove soap scum with vinegar and a sponge, and take a moment to ensure glass surfaces and mirrors are free of toothpaste. A clever hack? Half a lemon for streak-free brilliance. Also, don’t forget to remove limescale from the toilet bowl.

Hair patrol

Ah, the hair problem. Finding other people’s hair is a guest’s worst nightmare. Search every nook and cranny for stray hairs, especially on the bed, bedroom carpet, and in the bathroom drain. Vacuum like a pro and keep your plumbing trouble-free.

Linens and towels

Clean linens and towels are non-negotiable. Swap them out for every new guest. To sidestep laundry crunches, stock up on extra sheet sets. The magic of white linens? They’re a breeze to clean and eternally stylish.

Mop up

If you’re using a mop in your cleaning arsenal, it’s crucial to keep it clean. Regularly toss it into the washing machine to ensure it helps you clean, not distribute dirt. Depending on use, you should also replace your mop on a regular basis.

Drain drama

Keep your plumbing drama-free by giving bathroom drains regular TLC. A blend of baking soda and vinegar is your trusty sidekick for thwarting clogs and keeping things flowing smoothly. Just make sure you pour the baking soda first, then the vinegar. You want the reaction to happen inside the drains.

Remove watermarks and fingerprints

Metallic surfaces, mirrors, and glass often adorn rental properties. They deserve a pristine look, free from watermarks and fingerprints. A quick wipe-down with a homemade or commercial glass cleaner spray, followed by a microfibre cloth buff will yield a sparkling finish.

Additional insights from seasoned hosts

Some of our clients (who are also Airbnb hosts) were kind enough to share some of the insights they’ve gained over the years. Check them out:

  • Create a cleaning blueprint: A meticulous checklist for cleaners (or yourself) is the cornerstone of thorough cleaning. Consistency is your ally, turning cleaning into a well-oiled routine.
  • Start with hotspots: High-traffic zones like the kitchen and bathrooms need your undivided attention. Guests spend a lot of time here, so dazzle them with spotless surfaces.
  • Detail-oriented approach: Embrace a guest’s perspective and ferret out often-overlooked areas like the shower curtain and high-touch light switches. It’s the small touches that count.
  • Hair-free haven: Stray hairs? A big no-no. Use lint rollers on bedding and maintain drain hygiene to ensure a pristine environment for your guests.
  • Laundry strategy: Begin by loading the washing machine; efficiency is the name of the game.
  • Shiny floors: Regularly polish hardwood floors for a sparkling welcome.
  • Toilet tissue artistry: Fold the end of the toilet paper; it’s a small touch with big impact.
  • Amenities that wow: Refill hand soap and shampoo bottles to provide guests with a fresh, new experience.


Remember, it’s the unwavering commitment to cleanliness, a meticulous eye for detail, and a touch of hospitality magic that sets you on the path to stellar reviews and lasting success in the vacation rental arena. And, as always, if you need us, we’re never more than a phone call away.

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