Personal connections in cleaning industry

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of forging genuine personal connections often takes a back seat. This happens even in industries that are built on connection, such as professional cleaning services.

However, the story of one woman’s journey within the cleaning business serves to change all that. It’s not just any woman – this story comes to us from our very own Clara!

Clara wasn’t always a business co-founder.

I talked to Clara and she told me about deeper intricacies of what seems to be nothing more than a business transaction. “Connection and trust are so important in our field”, she said.

Before Clara was a co-founder of a cleaning business, she used to be a client. A big part of the reason she jumped into the cleaning industry in the first place was because she was never happy with the cleaning services she was receiving.

The inconsistent performance of prior cleaning services frustrated her. She could never find a company she was happy with. That is, until an epiphany about her own expectations hit her.

Clara had been hoping for a “wow” factor from the very first visit. This idealistic notion left her perpetually disappointed with her hired cleaning crews. It was a simple case of unrealistic expectations.

On subconscious level, Clara had expected cleaning people to have an intimate familiarity with her home, her unique preferences, and her specific requirements. This was, of course, impossible. But since it was not a conscious thought, it played a major role in her dissatisfaction.

A change in perspective.

Everything changed eight years ago when she hired a cleaner who reshaped her outlook. This time, rather than anticipating instant perfection, Clara decided to adopt a more grounded perspective. The initial visit became about building a personal connection, not anticipating perfection.

Clara and the cleaner hit it off. Conversations flowed, personal anecdotes were shared, and they even cleaned together.  Clara showed the cleaner how she preferred to get things done and the cleaner complied.

This visit was an opportunity to put the cleaner at ease. Clara showed empathy and tried to create a harmonious working environment and remove cleaner’s the unease of being in unfamiliar surroundings with new people.

As Clara found out, this approach lead to much more satisfaction and rewards. The cleaner was very diligent, carefully handling Clara’s personal possessions. She went above and beyond to show apprecition for Clara’s patience.

By creating a genuine connection, the cleaner transcended the role of a mere service provider. She become an important part of the household.

How does this relate to Samyx Cleaning?

This experience was pivotal in the way Clara later decided to run Samyx Cleaning. She wanted to extend the same chance to other families facing similar circumstances.

Daily life can get chaotic. It’s all too easy to let the upkeep of a clean and healthy home take a back seat. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed.

Clara knew this feeling well. Juggling the roles of a mother, a wife, and a homemaker left her with little time for self-care or to fulfill all her obligations.

The decision to invest in a cleaner, and to grant her the chance to truly acquaint herself with Clara’s home, was a game-changer. From a once-weekly arrangement, the cleaner started to perform daily visits.

The household was maintained in a perfect condition. Moreover, it was just the way Clara liked it, now that the cleaner had had the chance to get to know her.  And Clara had more time to and energy for both her personal and professional pursuits.

Every good story has a moral.

What’s the moral of this story? It’s that meaningful relationships have the propensity to flourish in the most unlikely of places. Even in industries that may seem transactional in nature, such as professional cleaning.

By devoting the time and effort to establish personal connections with those we engage in business, we can unlock the full spectrum of their capabilities and services.

This story serves as a reminder that in a world teeming with activity, setting aside a few moments to cultivate personal connections can significantly impact our lives. It can convert a service into a genuine partnership and elevate our homes from mere houses to sanctuaries where we can truly thrive.

And, as always, if you need us, we’re never more than a phone call away.

Samyx Cleaning - Branding Consultant, Author - Atanas
Author: Atanas Dzhingarov

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