Domestic Cleaning is not a magic

There’s a new viral trend on social media and especially TikTok (where else?). A bunch of videos made by cleaning professionals are making the rounds. In these videos, cleaners show the horror stories they encounter day in and day out, as well as the result of their cleaning efforts.

This is great because it shows how much people can improve their quality of life by using a cleaning service. But it also creates a bit of a problem managing expectations.

When you show an incredibly filthy flat in one frame (the “before” image) and then you show it clean in the next frame without mentioning how long it took to clean, you create an unrealistic expectation. The whole thing seems like magic.

Well, it isn’t. Most of these flats take days, sometimes even weeks over multiple visits to clean up. But this is rarely mentioned in the videos.

“Looks like cleaning is quick and easy.” It’s not.

As a result, people watch these videos and think, “Wow, if they clean all this filth in no time, cleaning my flat should be a breeze.” And this is how we end up with people asking for regular domestic cleaning quotes for a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom flat for two hours per fortnightly visit.

This is absurd. A flat like this would require a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a week to maintain. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your money in the rubbish bin.

Sometimes, people expect miracles because other companies make impossible promises. Some less than reputable company would agree to take the 4-bedroom flat and clean it for two hours fortnightly. Naturally, the customer would be unhappy with the results but the company wouldn’t care because they’ll get paid as much as they can and then bail.

That’s not what a reputable cleaning company does. We give you a realistic estimate because we want to make sure that if you’re going to be working with us, you know what to expect. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So what is a realistic domestic cleaning estimate?

The best way to be sure you’re getting a realistic estimate is to give us a call and describe your situation. The estimate will depend on the type of your home (house or flat), number of rooms, number of bathrooms, size of the rooms and bathrooms, and more.

Generally speaking, if your expectation is too low, we’ll tell you. We’re not interested in simply taking your money. We want to ensure your satisfaction and if we don’t think we can achieve that in the time you expect, we’d prefer to be upfront about it.

When it comes to estimates, it would also depend on how often you clean. Some of our clients do light cleaning over the week and leave the deeper, more detailed cleaning to us (which has been settled on in advance).

Others prefer to leave the cleaning entirely to us and hence use more of our services but have more time to do other things. Especially our entrepreneurial clients find it very liberating to completely outsource their chores. Not only does it save them time, but it also frees up their mental headspace knowing that someone else is going to take care of their cleaning.


With this in mind, here are some example quotes you can expect for optimal results:

  • 1 bed, 1 bath – 2.5h-3.5h weekly
  • 2 bed, 1 bath – 3h-4h weekly
  • 2 bed, 2 bath – 3.5h-4.5h weekly
  • 3 bed, 1 bath – 4h-5h weekly
  • 3 bed, 2 bath – 5h-6h weekly
  • 4 bed, 2 bath – 6h-8h weekly (we recommend two visits of 3-4 hours per visit)
  • 4 bed, 3 bath – 7h-8h weekly (we recommend two visits of 3.5-4 hours per visit)

Again, these are estimates. Some of our clients are happy with less because they take good care of their flats and only need a hand every once in a while. Others book us more frequently because they have more important things to do than clean.

Give us a call and we’ll give you an exact quote based on your particular situation.

As for prices, you can check our prices here. If you’re interested in learning more about domestic cleaning service pricing in London, we can provide insight.


Cleaning takes time. No one can wave a magic wand and make your entire flat clean itself in an hour. We know it may seem more expensive than you were hoping for, but the safety and comfort of a clean home are absolutely worth it. And we wouldn’t even begin considering the possibility of compromising when it comes to that.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

Samyx Cleaning - Branding Consultant, Author - Atanas
Author: Atanas Dzhingarov

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