Last updated: 19.10.2020 

The safety and wellbeing of our clients, colleagues and communities is our number one priority.

We’re monitoring information from the relevant authorities about coronavirus (COVID-19), and acting and planning appropriately.

We’ll update this page regularly with advice for how to work with us during the current situation.

We take all necessary measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in order to continue to work and serve our clients.


  • All of our cleaners are instructed to let the manager of the company know immediately if they have even the smallest symptoms for coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other as cold etc.
  • All of our cleaners are instructed to stay within 2 meters of other people (naturally if possible).
  • All of our cleaners are instructed to use face masks, gloves and wash their hands often.

This is the maximum what we can do for the moment.


  • The manager of the company will inform immediately the clients serviced of the cleaner who has even the smallest symptoms.
  • All clients of the company should inform the company by email ( immediately if they have some symptoms.
  • Given the situation, any client of the company can pause the services at this time without additional charge. We accept written notice by email only (! (Please note that if we stop providing cleaning services, this will damage our business a lot and we are likely to go bankrupt and all of our cleaners will fall in trouble because of their bills, rents, loans etc.)
  • Please note, if you want to put your service on pause because of the protection from the coronavirus (COVID-19), your outstanding balance must be paid.