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Our One-off cleaning service in London is for all those who do not require regular domestic cleaning but sometimes need the help of a professional cleaner. Therefore we will gladly help you with this situation. In addition, with our cleaning experience and expertise, cleaning materials and equipment, we can handle the toughest of cleaning jobs. You can count on us – we will do the cleaning to your requirements while you focus on your other priorities. We know how to making your life easier. Cleaning is our business, our only business and we take great pride in the work we do.

Also, you can combine this one-off cleaning service in London with:

Benefits of hiring Samyx Cleaning for your one-off domestic cleaning:

In-depth, In fact, one-off cleaning provides an in-depth cleaning of the property that you won’t get with regular cleaning. You may book any time you want. Because you won’t be bound to an agreement, you could hire the service whenever you need.

Benefits of Samyx regular domestic cleaning:

Your home will be clean. You will be able to come home to and enjoy having a clean home at all times. Because you’ll be getting your house cleaned on a regular basis, it is always going to be dirt free. You will save valuable time

Our goal with Samyx one-off cleaning service in London is to establish a good relationship with our customers. Your safety and comfort are our priority. That is why all of our cleaners have undergone thru a detailed vetting process. We do our job with discretion and consideration to your personal space and possessions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or ask for more details. You are always welcome.

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When you book this service from us, we will provide you with professional cleaning to meet your specific needs.

  • Professionally trained and uniformed cleaners who are ready to make your home clean and tidy.
  • A fixed, clearly stated price for our work, with no surcharge for weekend or Bank Holiday appointments
  • We will focus on your cleaning priorities – just let us know what they are.
  • Fully insured cleaners.
  • From 5-10% discount for any additional services.

Our deep cleaning service includes those more intensive tasks, not normally undertaken by your usual cleaning routine. The service will be carried out by highly trained staff using our professional cleaning products.


  • Wipe all appliances
  • Front of cupboards and drawers
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Worktops
  • Wash the dishes
  • Clean the tops
  • Picture frames
  • Window sills
  • Doors and handles
  • Remove finger marks
  • Hoovering and Mop the floors
  • Empty the bins


  • Clean and disinfect toilet seat and toilet bowl inside and out
  • Wash and disinfect the bathtubs, polishing the taps
  • Clean the shower cubicle
  • Clean and wash the tiles
  • Polishing mirrors, glasses and chromes
  • Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary
  • Clean the cabinets (if there are any)
  • Clean and wash the sink inside and out, polish the taps
  • Vacuum /mop the floors and empty the bins
  • Wipe the door handles and light switches
  • Remove finger marks


  • Clean and wipe wardrobes and drawers
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Dust and polish all tops and surfaces
  • Dust picture frames and lampshades
  • Dust windowsills and ledges
  • Make bed and fold clothes (if required)*
  • Change sheets (if required)*
  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger marks and dirt
  • Vacuum and mop the floor where necessary

Living Room

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling
  • Dust chairs and surfaces
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean tables and remove finger marks
  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Clean and dust radiators
  • Dust picture frames and lamp shapes
  • Wipe and clean inside window ledges
  • Entrance/Hallway and stair case

This cleaning task is basic but you can also have specific tasks undertaken in your home as required.

  • Security: We pay particular attention to the security of your home. All our cleaners are insured and vetted so you can trust us.
  • Quality: Our cleaners are trained, and 100% ready to assist you. They undertake introductory training which is followed by detailed lectures and practice training with a supervisor. Also, we regularly monitor their work and ask you for feedback to make sure that the services you receive satisfy all your cleaning needs. Also, all of them receive extra training in carrying out the laundry and ironing.
  • Reliability: We provide a customer-focused service to all our clients – a service which is carried out by professional, friendly and well-trained staff. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our relationship with our customers is built on trust and transparency which are key elements in ensuring that 100% satisfaction levels are achieved. We have no hidden charges

Call us on 020 34 88 33 34 or 079 80 10 10 70 or use our live chat service. Alternatively, use our booking form to get your free quote on regular domestic cleaning. To prepare your quote we’ll need to know:

  • Your Address
  • Your email
  • The approximate size of your home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors etc.)
  • Your preferred day and time for cleaning
  • Any specific requirements relating to access to your home.

We’ll send you a confirmation email of your booking, assign a cleaner who suits your needs and contact you after your first session to make sure everything has been done to your satisfaction.

What is “one off cleaning”?

It is a domestic cleaning service and is charged by the hour. Operatives will clean as much as possible in the time booked. That’s why it’s best if you prioritise the rooms or areas you would like us to focus on, so that you best utilize the time the team spends cleaning.

How much is it going to cost?

It depends on the number of operatives you want us to send and the amount of hours, as well as our availability for the date you prefer.

What does it include?

The cleaners follow a list of priorities, which we set when we arrange your booking. As you’re the one ordering it, the service can include any area or surface you request, as long as it is feasible.

What type of detergents and equipment do you use?

We use various professional-grade detergents, which we’ve been using for years and know provide the best results. Still, as some types of surfaces require special care (e.g. marble) it’s best to let us know so that we can come prepared. We can use detergents which you provide for us. As to equipment, ¬ we normally come equipped with a hoover, mop, bucket and cleaning rags.

Can you clean mould and mildew?

Unfortunately, due to their very peculiar nature mould and mildew are extremely difficult to battle, and in most cases re-plastering is needed. As this does depend on the amount to which they have spread and the surface they’ve formed on, we might be able to clean it up to a certain level, but we cannot provide any guarantees. Please do inform us if there are affected areas in your property or if they are your main reason for booking a one off cleaning service.

Do you move furniture around and clean beneath it?

We do move light furniture around in order to gain access to the areas that need cleaning. However, we normally don’t move any heavy items, such as double beds and larger sofas. In such cases the cleaners will clean all the visible parts around the furniture.

We cover all London within the area of the M25.

Our prices

Because of the global pandemic Covid-19, we decided to give a discount to all of our original prices. Therefore please use our booking form to get a free quote with discount.

Using our company you help us to survive in this difficult time for all of us. Thank you in advance. Let’s be humans, lets help each other.

Important: The discount will not be tied to the quality of cleaning. We will always give our best to make you happy!


  • "I was nicely surprised as the procedure of booking an appointment was super easy. I received a confirmation email. After two days came two cleaners, wearing a uniforms and they was very kindly. They did an excellent job!" Tiffany Mitchell, W2
  • "I have a very busy work life and was unable to keep on top of the housework so I got in touch. From the very start they were extremely professional and quick to respond. They did a deep clean for me to begin with, and I am totally over the moon." Anna Jarvis, SE19
  • "They are saved me! I had a emergency need of cleaning and I found them in google. When I called them, they organized a the cleaning in less than two hours. They did excellent job and I am very happy with them!" Helen Smith, E4
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