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  • Get your carpet as clean as the day you bought it
  • Results only a professional can achieve
  • Safe & effective detergents
  • Remove dust, grime, and allergens
  • Prevent markings
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Samyx Cleaning - Professional Carpet Cleaning Service - Image Tile

Professional Steam Cleaning To Refresh & Renew Your Carpets

Carpets are beautiful and stylish. They tie the room together like nothing else. But they have a fatal flaw – they’re like magnets for dirt, dust, and bad odours.

Your carpet has definitely seen better days. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a carpet cleaning service in London. But you’re in luck – at Samyx Cleaning, we refresh and renew carpets every day.

How our Carpet Cleaning works


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Enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets.

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Don't Ruin Your Carpet

Many people end up ruining their carpets by attempting DIY carpet cleaning. Commercial products are often ineffective at dealing with more serious stains, such as pet urine, tea, and wine.

In fact, these products often bake the stains into the surface of the carpet, making them impossible to remove. Leaving people with only one option – buy a new carpet.

Is there a way to remove stains without damaging the carpet? Of course! Book our carpet cleaning services in London and we’ll clean your carpet using professional methods and machines.

Get your free quote today. The longer you wait, the higher the chances your carpet will suffer irreparable damage. But if you call us in time, we can save it and make it good as new.

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Samyx Cleaning - Professional Carpet Cleaning Services - Picture Cleaner

Good as New Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It

Experience the awesome feeling of having a new carpet without actually having to buy one. We’ll restore your carpet to its former glory and extend its life at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Sounds good, but how? Our carpet cleaning technicians use modern hot water extraction machines. These professional machines are more powerful than anything you can use.

But it’s not just about the machine. It’s about picking the right treatment for different materials. Our seasoned London carpet cleaners know exactly how to deliver the best results. Your carpets are in safe hands.

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We wanted to put our house for sale. Unfortunately, the tenants had left some ba...
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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for a Clean and Healthy Home

Carpet cleaning isn’t only about aesthetics. As time goes by, your carpet becomes a nesting ground for all sorts of germs, mould, pollen, dust, dirt, and grime.

All these irritants and allergens get trapped inside your floor covering with no way out. Except you kick them up in the air every time you walk.

This can cause allergies, irritation, activate your asthma, and make you feel terrible in your own home. What’s worse, even if you regularly vacuum, you cannot get rid of them because they’re deeply ingrained into your carpet.

Unlike DIY methods, professional carpet cleaning goes deep into the surface of your floor coverings. It flushes out and gets rid of most allergens, including dust mites. Leaving your home a cleaner, fresher, healthier place.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Property Type/RoomDeep Hot Water Extraction
Single room £29 £25
Double room £34 £29
Living room £42 £36
Lounge / Dining room (12×12 feet) £53 £46
Through lounge (28×12 feet) £68 £59
Hallway (10×4 feet) £26 £22
Landing £12 £10
Small Rug (up to 3sq.m) £18 £15
Medium Rug (up to 7sq.m) £26 £22
Large Rug (up to 15sq.m) £35 £30
Staircase (up to 13 steps) £30 £26
Commercial / Office Carpet £2.5 £2

The minimum spend for this service is £49. Discounts are available if you combine with another of our cleaning services.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. Please note prices may vary according to your location in London. Current prices cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking fee may apply (when applicable).

Request a free quote from us and find out more about our availability!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will all the stains come out?

A: No guarantee can be made that every stain will be removed. Some stains permanently damage the carpet fibres and no specialist cleaning will reverse this. But we use high quality products and we do our best to clean every type of stain.

Q: How long will my carpet or furniture take to dry?

A: Drying time depends on many conditions, including how soiled the item was, how much water was used, weather conditions, indoor atmosphere, etc. However, in most cases, carpets and soft furnishings should be dry within 6-8 hours.

Q: Do I have to move furniture?

A: In most cases the Samyx cleaning team will be happy to move furniture, however there may be an additional charge for this service. It is important that any valuable items or furniture containing valuables are moved by the customer.

Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

A: Most manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned by a qualified technician every 12-18 months. Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis and before they become heavily soiled. Allowing soil to build up will significantly reduce the life of a carpet.

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