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After Builders Cleaning

We tend to undermine the importance of after-builders cleaning. However, after a renovation or new construction, the place needs thorough and proper cleaning to become ready to use. The best choice is bringing in professional cleaners. You can skip all the hard work and hire a professional after builders cleaning service to save time and effort and to ensures the best results.

After builders cleaning – we do it, so you don’t have to

At Samyx Cleaning, we believe in making clients’ lives easier. We are available for hire for services that are otherwise time-consuming and headache-inducing. After builders cleaning is a special type of hard – it requires thorough and proper cleaning and when done yourself the end result may end up being unsatisfying.

When booking professionals, you get professional results. Our after builders cleaning service ensures your home is fully clean and ready for you after the construction works. We will remove all large and tiny waste left from the renovation – from the rubble to dust. Our cleaners will leave the place completely free from paint and construction marks. You will find the doors and glass surfaces without finger marks and the bathroom and kitchen tiles sparkling clean.

When bringing in professionals for after-builders cleaning, you’d be able to move back in quicker after the renovation and enjoy the comfort of your fresh-clean home. We’ll do the job, so you don’t have to.

Cleaning after builders gives a finished look to your renovated home

If you do a lousy job with the after-builders cleaning, this may leave your home looking messy and half-done. After-builders cleaning ensures it gets that polished and finished look you are after.

When you book professional after-builders cleaning, the cleaning team will do the job properly and leave the place looking fresh and welcoming. Your home will be ready to receive your house party guests after the remodelling and you’d be able to charm them with its new look.

Samyx Cleaning guarantees you high-quality after-builders cleaning services London with a professional finish. Our reputation for cleaning is spotless. Contact us and we will help you with the post-construction mess.

Cleaning after builders is time-saving and affordable

Hiring a professional company for the after-builders cleaning may seem like something out of your budget, but it’s actually a very affordable service. The base prices start low and, considering how deep and thorough the service is, professional after-builders cleaning is in fact a great deal. You may end up spending less on hiring professionals than on buying all the products you’d need for DIY post-renovation cleaning.

On top of that, it saves you a lot of time. Professional after-builders cleaning is carried out by trained cleaners who use specialized products and machines. It takes less time for the cleaners to do the same job that would otherwise take you hours, if not days, to do it yourself.

At Samyx Cleaning, we provide after-builders cleaning at affordable prices. Contact us today and get a free quote. Samyx Cleaning is the right choice!

  • Cleaning of all windows, including window sills from inside.
  • Cleaning of all skirting boards and doors.
  • Cleaning of all sockets and switches.
  • Cleaning inside and outside of cupboards/wardrobes in kitchen, bedroom, living room and any additional rooms.
  • Cleaning & polishing surfaces and wood work in kitchen, bedroom, living room and any additional rooms.
  • Cleaning & polishing bathrooms/toilets.
  • Thorough cleaning of tiles and all bathroom basins.
  • Hoovering and mopping all floors and stairs.
  • Ensuring property is dust free.

We all know how messy your house can get after the builders have left and cleaning up after them is something everyone loathes doing. Scraping cement off your table or cleaning paint from your floorboards, for example, can quickly become tiresome and annoying, especially if you have large areas that need attention and a lack of time.

So why not save yourself the effort by hiring Samyx cleaning to come and do all the work for you?

Call us on 020 34 88 33 34 or 079 80 10 10 70 or use our live chat service. Alternatively, use our booking form to get your free quote.

Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?

No, the team takes care of this and it is included in the price for the service.

Do you clean the inside of kitchen units as part of your After Builders Cleaning?

We clean everything from outside, if the kitchen is new the cleaners may wipe down the inside if this is required. All details will be discussed with you prior to the day of the clean.

Can you dispose of builders waste?

Yes, we work in close partnership with a number of trusted rubbish removal companies. We can arrange the disposal of all unwanted waste, including furniture etc.

We cover all of London within the M25 area.

Using our company you help us to survive in this difficult time for all of us. Thank you in advance! Let's be humans, let's help each other. In gratitude, we will give you a discount for each one of our services! Just ask for a free quote!

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Our Prices

Price Rate per cleanerDetergents£19/h
Minimum 6 hours per visit. We can supply all necessary equipment for the cleaning. All prices quoted and offers are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).

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